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Soft Cover 
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Creating Your Cover

To create a softcover, you must create a file that incorporates the back cover, spine and front cover in one document. If your book is going to have a page size that is 6 x 9 for example, the size of the file you create must be 6 inches wide for the backcover, 6 inches wide for the front cover plus you must also add the spine size. (The height of the file will of course be 9). Spine size will vary depending upon the thickness of the paper you use and the number of pages in your book. Spine size can be calculated by taking the number of pages and dividing that number by the PPI of the paper used. PPI refers to "pages per inch". So if you have a 300 page book and the paper you use has a PPI of 300, then your spine size will be 300/300 or 1 inch. Add this 1 inch to your front and back cover and you wind up with a document that is 13 inches wide by 9 inches high.

See the table for popular paper types ppi.


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