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Submission Preparation

When at all possible, customer should use only Postscript Type 1 fonts created from reputable manufacturers, such as Adobe, Bitstream, AGFA. Truetype fonts can be create problems and are not recommended. You should not bold or italicize fonts in the application itself but should use the corresponding bold or italicize font you are using. You should not use any system fonts as they can cause re-flow issues when opened on computers which may be using a different operating system and have different versions of the fonts used. You should send both printer and screen fonts when sending Postscript fonts. All fonts should be compressed prior to sending your files to us and only send those fonts used in the file.

Page layout programs will not detect fonts used in placed graphics. Any graphics created in other programs such as Illustrator for Freehand should be opened to verify what fonts were used and those fonts should also be sent.

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- Understanding the process
- Book printing/binding
- Create proofs
- Shipping
- Fullfillment
- Cover Design & Typesetting
- Storage
- Submission preparation
- Size your cover, NEW!
- Currency converter
- Create your cover/text
- Prepare files (Dos & Don'ts)
- Creating your cover
- Determine the size
- Tell us how many
- What else should I do?
- Self publishers + authors
- Writers
- Book printer references
- Reviewers
- Editors
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