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Prepare Files (Dos & Don'ts)

Before anything else, you have to send your files to the printer correctly. These days, people often burn cds which they send to the book printer or they might e-mail or send files to the printer's FTP site. Whichever method you choose, make it a habit to place all your files into one folder and compress that folder using either Stuffit for the Mac or Zip for the PC. If you don't compress your files they may not be workable when they reach the print shop. This is especially the case with Mac files that people often burn to cds with PC settings. Funky things will happen with file names, especially with fonts, and the files may be unuseable. This is also the case when e-mailing or FTPing files. Remember to compress them.

The internet now provides everyone with a rich source for many types of graphic files. The problem is, however, that many of these files are unuseable for print. By nature, files used on the web are low resolution and will reproduce poorly when sent to print. Web files are also RGB files and must be converted to CMYK.

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- Prepare files (Dos & Don'ts)
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