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Prepare Files (Dos & Don'ts)

If there is one thing that causes the most problems when printing, it's fonts. Most people don't realize that a font is actually a computer program. The program tells the computer exactly how to draw each letter. As with all programs, some have "bugs" that can cause your computer to crash. So if you're going to use a particular font style in your document, make sure the font comes from a reputable company. Adobe, Agfa, and Bitstream are amoung them. Fonts that you purchased from "Bob's Friendly Font Factory" on the internet might be suspect. Check with your printer if you have any questions.

There are three main types of fonts "Postscript", "Truetype" and the most recently developed "Opentype" fonts. If at all possible, use "postscript" fonts rather than "Truetype" or "Opentype" fonts. This is primarily because the imagesetter (The piece of equipment that actually creates the film or printing plate) talks to the computer in "postscript" language. Now this isn't to say that "Truetype" fonts won't work, it's just that you might have problems with them. "Opentype" is a kind of a hybrid between "Truetype" and "Postscript" fonts. These fonts were created to eliminate common font problems. Many of Adobe's programs now support "Opentype" and you should be able to incorporate these fonts without any problems but check with your printer first to be sure they will work properly.

Be advised that Mac Postscript fonts have two parts, a printer font that tells the computer how to output the font to a printer, and a screen font that draws the screen representation of the font on your monitor. Both of these parts must be sent to the print shop to output your file correctly.

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